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I created this community for busy, on-the-go, goal-crushing, overwhelmed females to connect, sweat, share, and support one another.
This is for females who are or want to be strong and sexy, for the beginner fitness enthusiast and for the long-time gym junkie, and for those who want to take their fitness journey to the next level and create or rekindle a lifelong joy and passion around fitness that will impact everyone around you in a positive way. Join us and share your Magic with the world!
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I have been taking fitness classes with Kiki for almost 13 years. Her energy is infectious, her knowledge is extensive. During the pandemic, I have found her virtual classes to be a bright spot that I look forward to. And it’s so much better than the workout videos that I used to do by myself because I can see everyone else there dancing along with me. Furthermore, Kiki’s classes are more than just fun and dancing- she always incorporates some strength training so I can feel the next day that I got a great workout (I’m a little sore!) Thank you Kiki so much for keeping me healthy during these challenging times!


– Juliana –

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