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  • Are you a busy, goal-crushing, successful woman who wants more joy out of life?
  • Perhaps you need help unlocking your true happiness and taking your power back?
  • Maybe you just want something MORE from your fitness routines and don’t know what’s missing?

You’re in the right place! Welcome to Kiki Tyler Fitness, where you’ll experience the FUN side of fitness!

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Kiki has a way of making exercise fun while providing a great workout at the same time. She always brings her "A" game and a wonderful smile to each class! Her Live & on-demand classes provide a wonderful escape, a time for me to destress and have fun!

Kathleen F.

Excellent. Great attitude, encouraging with clear instructions, high-quality audio and video. A fun way to get a healthy workout!

Jessica S.

Helped me stretch out my deltoid and have fun doing it. Enjoyed the mix of music. A good, not-too-challenging pace. I'll share and come back.

Michele A.

Enjoyed the class. It was great. The music selection was wonderful.

Sheryl L.

Nice mix of music!


Kiki is an amazing instructor who always delivers a fun, energetic, well-choreographed workout every class! Be sure to have water nearby because you will sweat while having a great time!

Kathleen F.

The class was fun and quite a great way to exercise.

Shelley M.

I thoroughly enjoyed her class. Kiki always brings the joy and energy. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but I did!


Love her classes and hate that my schedule doesn’t always align to take her classes. If you haven’t taken a class and are Kiki Kurious- I highly recommend anything she teaches.💚💙

Heather W.

Kiki has a great personality and is very motivational.
She challenged me, and I didn’t find it to be overwhelming.
I enjoyed the variety in our sessions.
While I have not lost a lot of weight, I definitely see a change in my body and the way my clothes fit.
I’m much stronger now than when I started.
I’m sleeping better and have more energy
People are starting to notice and have asked if I’ve lost weight
I went from using 3.5 lb weights to using 10lb weights in under 6 weeks and am doing more reps and completing more circuits without the need to take breaks or as much rest in between muscle groups.

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